Racism Without Racists

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF    Facebook at www.facebook.com/kristof
Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times – Blog: www.nytimes.com/ontheground

One of the fallacies this election season is that if Barack Obama is paying an electoral price for his skin tone, it must be because of racists.

On the contrary, the evidence is that Senator Obama is facing what scholars have dubbed “racism without racists.” The racism is difficult to measure, but a careful survey completed last month by Stanford University, with The Associated Press and Yahoo, suggested that Mr. Obama’s support would be about six percentage points higher if he were white. That’s significant but surmountable.

New pathway for African exodus

‘New pathway’ for African exodus
By Paul Rincon – Science reporter, BBC News – [email protected]

Researchers have found a possible new route taken by early modern humans as they expanded out of Africa to colonise the rest of the world.

A study published in the journal PNAS proposes a “wet corridor” through Libya for ancient human migrations. Rivers once flowed from the central Saharan watershed all the way to the Mediterranean, the team explains. This might have enabled modern humans to spread beyond their ancestral homeland about 120,000 years ago.

Canada Millenium Scholarships

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