And the winners are…


Yaphet Robinson


About the Yaphet Robinson Award

This is awarded annually to a young person who has shown extra-ordinary commitment to human rights and the dignity of all persons in the  London, Ontario community.

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About Yaphet Robinson (1979—2000)

Yaphet Raphael Robinson was struck by a car on May  22nd 2000 and slipped into a coma until his untimely passing on June 3 2000.

The circumstances surrounding his death caused some racial tension in London, Ontario. To this end, Marike Hildreth a friend of the CBWCL initiated a special award in 2001 in memory of Yaphet as well as honour people who show commitment to upholding human rights within the city of London, Ontario.


Aden Hamza – 2015 winner of the Yaphet Robinson memorial award


About Aden Hamza

Aden is a highly intelligent, compassionate, community conscious individual who, is committed to being an agent of change for human rights.