The CBWC London Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is chosen by the CBWC London members to guide the group and to carry out the core functions for the team.


Dr. Janet Collins CBWCL President
Dr. Janet Collins, President CBWC London

Dr. Collins began her professional career as a professor of Biology at Dalhousie University. She then entered Law School at Western, being called to the bar in 1987. Janet served on Western’s Board of Governors for two terms and has participated in several London community organization

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Liz Akano
Liz Akano, Vice President of CBWC London

Liz has been an educator for many years first as an ICT teacher at H.B. Beal Secondary and currently as Vice Principal at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School.  She is well known in the London community for her charitable work.

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Norma Lyttle-Chicoine, CBWC London 2015 Membership Committee Chair
Norma Lyttle Chicoine, CBWC London Membership Committee Chair

Norma Lyttle-Chicoine has been involved in various charitable organizations within the London area. Currently, she is responsible for the membership growth of the CBWC London chapter.

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Elrah Robinson, Financial Committee Chair 2015

Elrah Robison has over thirty (30) years’ experience in the financial industry. Elrah currently oversees the financial aspects of CBWC London, including donations and scholarship awards.

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Vilma Frnacois, CBWC London Education Committee Chair
Vilma Francois, Education Committee Chair

Vilma Francois has many years’ experience in education. She currently arranges education sessions for both CBWC London members and the general public. She also is the main point of contact for the annual scholarships given on behalf of the CBWC London.

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